Video Fields

Video Fields system automatically projects dynamic videos onto user-defined geometries. It allows users to adjust camera parameters, navigate through time, walk around the scene, and see through the buildings.
Video, paper, data, and slides available now.


    title={{Video Fields: Fusing Multiple Surveillance Videos into a Dynamic Virtual Environment}},
    author={Du, Ruofei and Bista, Sujal and Varshney, Amitabh},
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Follow-ups: Montage4D, Multi-Camera Light Field Capture, Privacy-Aware Human Presence and Movement Analysis in Controlled and Uncontrolled Environments, and Video Surveillance Systems-Current Status and Future Trends.


The paper presents a novelty work. The idea of merging several videos of the same environment in a dynamic virtual reality system is really ambitious; a lot of different tasks must be developed to achieve it (get the 3D world of the environment from 2D images, identify the movements of the entities in this world, render this dynamic virtual scenario in the web...